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Daufresne Poire

Daufresne PoirePoires and Perries have became my new passion. I’ve had pear ciders and not generally been that fond of them. Pear ciders are apple cider based with pears, usually dessert/culinary pears, added for flavoring. Because of that, I’d never really chased after Perries or Poires thinking they’d be something similar. I know, my mistake.

At CiderCon, I tried Oliver’s Herefordshire Perry. Wow! Then a few days later I tried Oliver’s Classic Perry. Again, wow! A few days later, I tried Eric Bordelet’s Poire. I think I can now say I’m officially hooked on real poires and perries.

Ciderie Daufresne‘s orchards are located in the south of Normandy on southward facing slopes which used to host vineyards. In the 1960’s, Phillipe Daufresne decided to use the incredible location to plant cider apples so he could produce Calvados and Cidre. For 50 years, the Daufresne family ran the orchards and ciderie until they sold it to Ghislaine Davy in 2012. She recently won the prestigious Golden Apple in Frankfurt’s Salon du Vin et Cidre. Currently, production is just over 10,000 cases per year.

Appearance: Bright honey gold.

Aroma: Light sulphur notes, fruity, hint of pear, honey, fruity, light buttery notes.

Taste: Good sharpness (acidity), lower but balancing tannins, low astringency.

Overall Impression: Daufresne Poire is elegant and balanced with a medium finish and nice acidity. Elegance seems to be the defining characteristic of French Poires, and this one is no exception.

CO2 levels: Medium sparkle
Pears: Plant de Blanc, Fausset, Branche, Gros Gontier
Geography: Lower Normandy

Availability: Imported by Winesellers, LTD.

4% ABV

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