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Etienne Dupont Cidre Triple

Dupont Cidre Triple
American Label

Domaine Dupont is one of the leading names in French Calvados and cidre. Calvados is the famed northern French apple brandy. Producers in Normandy and Brittany tend to fall in two camps: brandy producers who view cidre as an incomplete step on the way to the final product or cidre producers whose main purpose is cidre as the final product. Dupont falls into former category. Now this is certainly no knock on their cider products, Domaine Dupont is one of France’s finest makers of cider. They just happen to view their primary focus as Calvados production.

Etienne Dupont Cidre Triple is the maker’s homage to a Belgian Abbey-style Triple. It’s produced with 100% bittersweet apples. It’s fermented 3 times. The first fermentation is the apples alone, then special sugars are added to spark a second fermentation which brings the ABV up to 10%, finally the third fermentation takes place in the bottle creating the characteristic mousse.

Appearance: Light haze, honey/tawny amber

Aroma: Funky, musty, apple peel, over ripe apple, straw, caramel, fruity, almonds.

Taste: Tannic, astringent, mild acidity, mild alcohol warmth.

Overall Impression: Being made from 100% bittersweets, Triple has a medium strong tannic character and a long finish. Like its Belgian name sake, Cidre Triple is big and rich with hints of caramel and alcohol. Big and funky, Etienne Dupont Cidre Triple is a fun and unique cider and one worth picking up.

CO2 levels: Medium sparkle
Geography: Pays d’Auge, Normandy
Apples: Bittersweet apples, mostly Mettais

Availability: Nationally. Imported by  B. United International.

11% ABV

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Dupont Cidre Triple French
French Label

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