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Kinkiz Cornouaille Cidre

Manoir du Kinkiz is smaller “craft” cidre producer located just outside Quimper in Bretagne (Brittany). Kinkiz is a small grower-producer who specializes in traditional styles and apples. Kinkiz story starts with Hervé Seznec at the age of 19 when he created his cidrerie and replanted 30 hectares with 25 different varietals. Over the years, Hervé Seznec has focused on improving the quality of his ciders while focusing on natural growing and production techniques. He’s also added several products including a Pommeau and a distilled apple brandy known as Lambig in Bretagne.

The ciders of Hervé Seznec have done well, earning many medals at prestigious competitions including this Cournouaille which took a gold in 2013 at France’s huge agricultural competition in Paris. Cornouaille is the name of the region on the south coast of Bretagne and is the Breton linguistic equivalent of “Cornwall.” To qualify as a AOP (protected appelation) Cornouaille, the cider has to conform to certain production methods and cidre apple varietals so that it best represents what a regional cidre should taste like if it’s from Cornouaille.

I acquired this bottle on my trip through northern France when I visited cidre country, Normandie and Bretagne. Kinkiz is situated on a beautiful little estate about 15 minutes from downtown Quimper which is a fun little town situated on the coastal hills of southern Bretagne.

Appearance: Light haze, dark gold

Aroma: Apple-y, earthy, light funk, caramel notes, woody, apricots,

Taste: High- Tannins, Medium+ Acidity, Medium+ Astringency

Overall Impression: This is a very typical “Bretagne” cidre. It’s big, funky, bold, and rustic. Individually, Kinkiz is dry, tannic, with a good balancing acidity. It’s full bodied and rich.

CO2: High Sparkle
Geography: Cornouaille, Bretagne, France
Apples: A blend of apples acceptable to get the Cornouaille appellation, including: Kermerrien, Marie Ménard, Douce Moën, Douce Coêtligné, Guillevic, C’Huéro Briz, C’huéro Ru, Seac’h Biniou, Rouz Coumouellen, Dous Bloc’hic

Availability: In the US in New York and New Jersey through Coeur Wine Co. I acquired this bottle directly from the cidrerie on my trip to Bretagne.

5.5% ABV

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