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Belgium Beer Tourism – A fantastic site based out of Belgium but written in English highlight the food and beer culture of Belgium with the goal of promoting tourism.

Belgian Beer & Food Magazine – A new English-language magazine published in Brussels but available world-wide.

Belgian Beer Specialist – Chuck Cook is arguably one of America’s top Belgian Beer experts

Visit Belgium – The English language site for the tourism board for French-speaking Belgium: Brussels and Wallonia.

Visit Flanders – The tourism board for Flemish speaking Belgium: Brussels and Flanders.

Belgian Rail – The website for the Belgian train system.  Plan your train trips around Belgium.  This is a valuable site I used regularly.

I think about beer: Belgium – My page dedicated to Belgium

Belgian Beer me! Beer Tours of Belgium – One of the top tour services leading group tours to some Belgium’s best breweries.

One thought on “Belgium: Resources

  1. ‘Belgian Beer Me’ probably used to be a great way to go. Their website says tours

    are 12 to 16 people on average with no more than 24 people. 12 to 16 sounded

    pretty reasonable, so my wife and I signed up. It turned out that our tour had 38

    people… so that’s one maximum tour PLUS one average tour combined into one

    giant tour. It had become the cattle-car tour that we always want to avoid, Bonus

    points for a tour guide who lied to us about the tour before we even met him.

    None of the breweries we visited could accommodate 38 people,so the group had to

    be split up and one half had to wait. Meals could take two to three hours because

    the kitchens in the quaint little places we visited were absolutely inundated.

    Even in the cafeteria scenarios, you’re looking at a half hour wait to get food

    if you’re the last one in line. Be prepared to spend a good amount of your

    vacation waiting for something good to happen if you take this tour. It became

    more than a little annoying to listen to our tour guide tell us that we all had

    to “be team players” when he was the one who screwed the team.

    If you’re in a small tour, you get a chance to make friends with your tourmates,

    and it’s nicer to spend time with someone you’ve made a connection with. That’s

    just plain impossible with 38 people on the tour. You can make friends with some,

    but at the end of two weeks, half of your tourmates will be pretty close to being

    strangers. This problem was exacerbated by ‘Team Alabama’. One of the reasons the

    tour was so large is that ‘Belgian Beer Me’ had decided to make room for a large

    family group. Those folks were on their own private tour. Sure, they had to share

    the bus with the rest of us, but you could always spot them at a large table.

    They were the one who turned their backs on the rest of us. FUN!

    ‘Belgian Beer Me’ was probably great back in the day. But greed and other factors

    have made it a tour to avoid,

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