The Brux Project – Boon Vat 44 Oude Geuze

On the 19th of April, 2013, Frank Boon and Brouwerij Boon celebrated their grand re-opening with a special party and a special beer.  Herman Van Rompuy, the EU President and a friend of Frank’s, was .  in attendance to cut the ribbon and officially open Boon’s new brewery.  To celebrate the next stage in the brewery’s evolution, Frank created a new beer for the occasion.

Vat 44 is a single barrel (foeder) “mono blend.”  In December of 2008, he brewed a heavier than normal batch of beer and placed it in Foeder No. 44.  The beer was then bottled in August of 2010 where it bottle conditioned for nearly 3 years before the big party.  Only 20,500 375ml bottles were produced (approximately 1,700 12-bottle cases).

Geuzue has an impressively long shelf life. I’ll open one bottle every five years to track its progress.

6/6/2013 – Bottle no. 1

8/31/2018 – Bottle no. 2