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Minotière Cidre Fermier Bio Doux

Domaine de la Minotière is small, organic orchard and cider producer creating rustic, farmhouse-style French Cidres. Minotière farms 15 hectares of organic land and only uses traditional methods for its cider production. They produce two variations on their cider: a brut and doux.  This is the Doux. Doux is the French term for sweet. To achieve a sweet level, fermentation is stopped earlier. This allows for the retention of natural residual sugar but lower alcohol levels. Typically, American producers will back sweeten with juice after fermentation is done so they can keep a higher ABV while having a sweeter profile.

Appearance: Burnished goal.

Aroma: Lightly musty, rich apple, earthy, ripe apple, fruity.

Taste: Mild+ tannin, medium acidity, medium astringency.

Overall Impression: Although it’s not fermented to dry levels, you still get classic French cidre fermentation aromas but the apple/fruit aromas are a bit elevated. It’s a very juicy and fruity, yet the tannins and acidity of the cidre apples keeps everything nicely in balance with the elevated sweetness. This is a fun, low ABV dessert cidre that won’t leave your palate coated in sugar.

CO2 Levels: High sparkle with excellent, tight streamers of bubbles.
Geography: Normandie
Apples: Binet rouge, Bisquet, Noeldes champs, Clos renaux, Petit jaune, Peau de chien

Availability: In small quantities throughout the US where Winesellers, LTD products are sold.

3% ABV

You can view my review of the Brut at my Domaine de la Minotière page.

Disclosure: This bottle was sent to me for review by Winesellers, LTD.


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