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Bordatto Basa Juan

Bordatto Basa Jaun
The old label (still in the market)

Bordatto is French Cidery, but not from the more well-known cider regions of the North (Normandie & Bretagne). They’re part of the Basque region that drifts into southwestern France known as Irouleguy. Bordatto is less than 2 decades old and started when its creator, Bixintxo Aphaule, fell in love cider. Bixintxo had been making wine and decided to follow his new passion and add cider to the mix.

Using wine principles of terroir, he planted his orchards with special thought to the soil, location, microclimate, and orientation. Using traditional apples from the region, Bordatto ciders represent a mix of French and Spanish cider traditions. They make several varieties of cider. Their Basa Jaun, the name of the wild man or devil of Basque legend, is a dry, sparkling cider. It’s made from 15 heirloom cider varieties that are fermented separately then blended to create the final product.

Appearance: Coppery gold.

Aroma: Barnyard, musty, earthy, dirty straw, dusty, light apple, a touch of butter and caramel.

Taste: Medium+ tannin, mild+ acidity, medium astringency.

Overall Impression: Dry and dusty are the best adjectives to describe this cider. It’s a unique mix of cider traditions, blending the tartness and funk of a Basque cider with the tannin structure of a French cider. Basa Jaun is a fun and tasty intersection of cider styles and regions and certainly one worth checking out
CO2 Levels: Medium sparkle.
Geography: Irouleguy (Basque), France
Apples: 15 varieties, including: ondo motxa, eri sagarra, anisa, gordin xuri, minxuri, azau sagarra, eztirotxia, geza xuria, mandoburua, patzulua, and other local varieties.

Availailtiy: In select states where De Maison Selections wines and ciders are sold. You can see if they’re available in your state on this map.

6% ABV

Bordatto Basa Jaun Bottle
The new label

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