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‘t Gaverhopke Koerseklakske

The Belgian Version of the Label
The Belgian Version of the Label

Ambachtelijke Brouwerij is a small brewery and brewpub in west Flanders just outside the city of Kortrijk.  It’s better known under the name ‘t Gaverhopke.  To be honest, I wasn’t able to find out much about the brewery.  Their brewery website contains virtually no information about their history.  What I was able to find is that the previous owners retired and sold the operation to a new couple.

While the new owners didn’t start out as brewers, they took a crash course at the brewing school in Ghent.  They’ve also remodeled some 2007 and again in 2012.  They’re tap room is open on weekends, at least it was the last time their site was updated!

Koerseklakske is a light blond “session” ale brewed with the wild yeast Brettanomyces.  It functions as their summer seasonal.  It’s named after the cycling hat and in honor of famous Belgian cycling champion Briek Schotte.

Appearance: Cloudy blond, off-white head, great retention.

Aroma: Lavender, coriander, violets, floral notes, lemon cookies with powdered sugar.

Taste: Spicy, fruity, light undercurrent of funk.

Overall Impression: What an enjoyably pleasant beer!  The mouthfeel is amazing while the flavors are subtle, varied, rich, and complex.  This beer definitely punches above its weight class.  This is a very small brewery, and this beer is a limited release.  If you see it, grab it.  One warning though, have a large glass ready and in hand immediately.  The added Brett has been working overtime.  It may gush kind of hard, so have plenty of room ready in a glass.

Availability: This is a small, limited release item.   Imported by 12% Imports.

5.5% ABV

US Label (Picture from
US Label (Picture from

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