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Cittavecchia Karnera

Cittavecchia KarneraBirra Cittavecchia marks the first Italian beer reviewed on!  This traditional wine country has, in recent years, seen an upsurge in its craft brewing culture.  Breweries like Del Borgo and Balladin are gaining world wide fame for their unique beers and high quality.  Birra Cittavecchia, founded in 1999, has joined the ranks of Italy’s craft brewers with a nice line of ales and lagers.

Karnera is their version of an English stout.

Appearance: Deep black/brown, dark brown head with good retention.

Aroma: Bitter chocolate, mocha, coffee, pecan pralines, darkly toasted bread.

Taste: Soft malt bitterness, bitter chocolate, nuttiness, sweet medium-length finish.

Overall Impression: This is an excellent example of a well balanced stout.  The carbonation is nice and help balance out the sweeter, darker notes.  There’s a good mix of dark roasted flavors that make this a nice stout for someone who doesn’t care for the more darkly, bitter stouts that push the boundaries of burnt espresso.

Food Pairing: Grilled meats (Steak, pork, chicken), chocolate cake, smoked salmon, cured meats.

Availability: In limited quantities at better beer stores who carry Shelton Brothers products.

5.7% ABV

5 thoughts on “Cittavecchia Karnera

  1. Sounds delicious! Nice to see my people getting into beer. My only complaint is that the stuff can be really expensive. I saw a bottle of Baladin Nora listed at $55 in a Philly restaurant (Alla Spina). I paid $18+ for a bottle. Great stuff, but not an every day beer by any stretch.

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