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Moa Brewing Blanc Evolution

MOA Blanc EvolutionMoa Brewing is part of the new vanguard of great beer coming out of New Zealand. Earlier this year, they celebrated their 10th anniversary! Founder, Josh Scott is the son of a wine maker in the famous Malborough wine region of New Zealand. He used his wine studies in France and California to secretly study the beers of Europe and the US so that he could go home and start a brewery, counter to his father’s wishes. A few years later, he met an ex-Heineken brewer named David Nicholls who joined him at Moa. Today, they’re the leading exporters of New Zealand beer to the US.

Their Blanc Evolution is their interpretation of a Belgian-style wit brewed with coriander which is actually added during the maturation process.

Appearance: Hazy gold, white head, excellent retention.

Aroma: Coriander, orange sherbet, juicy fruit, cotton candy, melon,

Taste: Estery fruitiness, coriander, orange sherbet, crisp wheat,

Overall Impression: Lively carbonation blasts the spice of the coriander and yeast esters into your nose. This one is super ester-y. The aroma jumps out of the glass. All of these blends into a very creamy mouthfeel with a medium finish. You can best describe this beer as bright, fruity, and lively.

Food Pairing: The high carbonation and excellent citrus fruit flavors of this beer should play well with a whole host of foods from salads to chicken to fish and ceviche. It’s got a little more body to it which will let it work with some slightly bigger food options, but keep the flavors bright and sunny.

Availability: At better beer shops, imported by St. Killian Importing Co.

6.2% ABV

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