Brasserie Dieu du Ciel Aphrodisiaque “Aphrodite”

Dieu du Ciel AphroditeBrasserie Dieu du Ciel is Quebec’s other craft brewery of repute, Unibroue being the one most commonly associated with the French-speaking Canadian province.  That’s not to say they’re the only craft breweries in Quebec, but they are the two that have made most inroads in the US by reputation and distribution, of course, Unibroue’s footprint far outstrips Dieu du Ciel’s.

Dieu du Ciel has made a name for itself brewing a wide variety of styles using unique ingredients and marketing those beers with colorful and artful labels.  Aphrodite (Aphrodisiaque as it’s labeled in French) is no exception to either of those rules.  It’s a stout brewed with cocoa and vanilla..

Appearance: Deep brown/black, brown head, good retention

Aroma: Cocoa, vanilla, chocolate malt

Taste: Chocolate malt, vanilla, mocha.  Slightly sweet but balanced with dark, roasted malt bitterness.

Overall Impression: This one is an ideal after dinner beer.  It’s not too heavy or extreme, but  nicely flavorful with a nice mix of dessert type flavors and aromas.  While it does have a natural sweetness, it’s well-balanced with dark roasted malt bitterness.  It’s a perfect substitute for that after dinner mocha.

Availability: At better bottle shops that carry products by their importer, Shelton Brothers.

6.5% ABV

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