Rodenbach – Roeselare, West Vlaanderen

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The Foeders of Roeselare: A Visit with the Wooden Behemoths of Rodenbach – My tour of Rodenbach Brewery with photographs

Roeselare: A Short Walking Tour – A tour of the city that Rodenbach calls home.

Wonderful Wanderings – Belgian Beer: Rodenbach – A post about Rodenbach I wrote for the Wonderful Wanderings travel site.

Beer Reviews:

Caractère Rouge – A special collaboration with chef Viki Geunes: 2-year old Rodenbach with 6 extra months on fruit, 7% ABV

Vintage – A 2 year-old, unblended beer from a single foeder (barrel), each vintage is unique and will be reviewed separately.

Rodenbach on the Internet:

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