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Pfriem Brett Wit – Bottle no. 3 4/15/2018

This beer wasn’t a guaranteed choice for aging in The Brux Project. A wit isn’t a particularly age-worthy beer in most instances. Modern wits are intended as an enjoyable beer to consume fresh. I’ve always loved the style, particularly those that have been bottle conditioned. The conditioning just adds that final zesty bit of liveliness that turns a simple wit into an elegant wonder. Pfriem‘s house Wit is a perfectly serviceable wit, well crafted and dry with enough carbonation (although force carbed). The Brett Wit was their first bottle conditioned Wit run through their Belgian-influenced warm room. And just to add another dose of goodness, they pitched in some of their house Brett strain.

The added brett hearkens back to the pre-Pierre Celis wits. Celis saved the style with his popular Hoegaarden before he sold it off to Interbrew (now AB-InBev). He undoubtedly cleaned up the processes on the beer going to a single Saccharomyces strain. Unfortunately, the beer has been cost-cut into a sad, pale shadow of its former glory.

Appearance: Hazy light gold, off white head, solid retention

Aroma: Cracker, pepper, funk, banana, light citrus

Taste: banana, cracker, light vanilla,

Overall Impression: This beer is at that awkward in-between phase. It’s lost its fresh “wit” vibrancy but hasn’t started developing the more serious brett-aged characteristics. It’s still a nice, enjoyable beer, but it’s certianly not at its peak as a new beer or as an aged brett-spiked beer. If you have some in your cellar, hold onto it for a while longer. We’ll check back in in October when the next six month bottle comes due.

Availability: Sold out from most stores unless someone cellared a case. Pfriem beers are only available in Oregon and Washington.

5.6% ABV

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