The Brux Project – Westvleteren XII Edition

Westvleteren is one of the most sought after and hyped beers in the world. This classic Quadrupel style ale is only available at Abbey’s gift shop and cafe in West Flanders. The bottles have a 3 year best by date on the cap, but many people hold them much longer with success. With six bottles, I’ll open one every 8 months to track its development and changes.

11/22/2016 – Bottle no. 1 (bottled 31/8/2016)

6/14/2017 – Bottle no. 2 (bottled 31/8/2016)

2/19/2018 – Bottle no. 3 (bottled 31/8/2016)

11/11/2018 – Bottle no. 4 (bottled 31/8/2016)