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Spencer Trappist Ale, and Other Trappist News

Spencer Trappist AleThe Brewing Monks: Almost Trappist – The rumors have finally been confirmed.  There will be an American Trappist Ale brewed by the monks of Spencer Abbey.  Spencer Trappist Ale just got its label approval and announced that it’s collaborating with Chimay to develop its first beer: A 6.5% ABV gold ale with a light, hoppy crispness. (Clink the “Almost Trappist” link to read more details about Spencer and the other new Trappist projects).

Almost Trappist discusses the history of Spencer, and a Dutch Trappist that will begin selling Trappist beer in December, plus two other Trappist projects.

5 thoughts on “Spencer Trappist Ale, and Other Trappist News

    1. I think, with Chimay advising, it should be unique but fit within the realm of the “Trappist” flavor profile, if one could use such a term. Either way, I’m really excited to try this new beer.

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