The Brux Project – Pfriem Brett Brux Pale Edition

Pfriem Brett Brux PaleI’m always looking for the right beers to add to my cellar. It’s a limited space, but one that I wish to use wisely. I started my cellaring project about 4 years ago with Sierra Nevada & Russian River’s collaboration beer Brux. Every 6 months I’ve opened a bottle to see what’s going on in the bottle. You can view its progress at “The Brux Project.”

The second official beer to enter my cellar projects is an homage to Orval, which has a fantastic reputation as being age-worthy for several years. Pfriem Family Brewers released this beer in December of 2016. Josh Pfriem was kind enough to provide a case for this project.

The first bottle was opened on December 14, 2016. 1 bottle will be opened at a regular interval to track the development of this live beer containing  the famous/infamous Brettanomyces Bruxellensis wild yeast.  The beer is being stored in a temperature stable, UV light blocking Vinotemp wine cooler.

pFriem Family Brewers Brett Brux Pale

12/14/2015 – Bottle no. 1

7/4/2016 – Bottle no. 2

12/13/2016 – Bottle no. 3

6/6/2017 – Bottle no. 4

12/12/2017 – Bottle no. 5

4/15/2017 – Bottle no. 6