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Belgium is a country I’ve been interested in (well, “fascinated by” may be a more accurate phrase) since I first started drinking beer and realizing that the beers I liked most came from this small European country.  When I had the chance to travel to Europe on vacation, Belgium unquestionably became my first destination.  My friends, a native Belgian and his American fiancé, were a bit concerned that I would be disappointed once I got there.  They were afraid that I’d built up the country in my head because of my love of their beers.  Well, from the day I landed to the day I left, I loved every moment of my time in Belgium.  That feeling became even stronger after visiting Paris for 3 days.  While I loved Paris and can’t wait to visit it again, getting off the train from Paris and sitting down to a Duvel at a sidewalk cafe somehow felt like coming home.

Everywhere I went, the people were kind and gracious and happy that I chose their small country as my vacation spot.  I plan to make Belgium a regular spot to visit so that I can continue learning about this wonderful country and its fantastic beers.  To put it simply, I fell in love with Belgium.

Belgian Beer Reviews

Belgium – This is my list of reviews of Belgian Beers.  They are organized alphabetically by brewery name.  I’ve chosen to use the name they’re most commonly known under, for example: Instead of Brouwerij Boon, I just listed them as “Boon” or instead of “Brasserie de Brunehaut,” I listed them as “Brunehaut.”

Belgian Beer Label Iconography

Belgian beer labels are littered with a litany of badges and logos that represent a whole host of associations and history. Learn what they mean in this two part series.

Logos, Badges, & Stamps: A Lesson in Belgian Label Iconography (Part 1)

Logos, Badges, & Stamps: A Lesson In Belgian Label Iconography (Part 2)

Belgium 101 – Six-Pack Style

Are you looking for some beer suggestions so you can learn about the varied beers of Belgium?  Here’s a mixed 6-pack I assembled that will work as a great way to taste your way around Belgium.  It manages to cover a pretty wide swath of Belgium and its beers.  Read my post “The Six-Pack Project: Belgium 101;” go out and buy the beers; and organize a tasting with friends to begin your journey down to the fabulous world of Belgian Beers.

My Belgian Beer Vacation 2012

Please check back to this page regularly as I add more posts about my trip to Belgium.  You can expect to see posts about my stay in Antwerp; my visits to Bruxelles, Brugge, and Ghent; my brewery trips to Rodenbach, Boon and Chimay; and more!

Brussels Calling: Half a Day Wasn’t Nearly Enough – A half-day tour of Brussels and its drinking establishments

Gent (Ghent) – The Stairmaster of Belgium – A day touring Ghent

The Boons of Lembeek: A Tour of Brouwerij Boon with Frank and Karel Boon – My tour of Boon Brewery

Roeselare: A Short Walking Tour – Lunch and a Stroll Through Rodenbach’s Home City

The Foeders of Roeselare: A Day with the Wooden Behemoths of Rodenbach – My tour of Rodenbach Brewery

Brasserie de Brunehaut: A Day with Marc-Antoine De Mees – My trip to Brunehaut Brewery and Tournai

Belgium! Here I Come! – My itinerary

How to Build a Beer Travel Case – Instructions on how to create a safe, airline legal, beer suitcase

Resources – If you’re looking for other great resources, besides my website, I’ll be compiling a list of my favorite sites about Belgium and Belgian Beer.  Please check back regularly as I update it.

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