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Le Leiu Chéri Cidre Fermier Brut

The lands where Le Leiu Chéri have been producing cider apples since at least the 16th century according to local documents. The current residents, the Desfrièches family, have been growing apples and producing cidre for 4 generations. Prior to WWII, they sold their cidre in bulk to local cafes. Unfortunately, their road was destroyed in 1944 during the Allied invasion of Normandie. Due to the difficulty of transporting the bulk cidre across fields, Alfred decided to start producing Calvados and bottling it. This would be far easier to transport. Today, all of the products made by the Desfrièches are bottled, and now, they’re sold around the world. With the 4th generation, Alexandre, joining his father, Fabrice, in the family business, the future looks strong.

Their 19ha of orchards are planted in the traditional Hautes-Tiges method, meaning they’re allowed to grow tall and given more space per tree. The soil is moderately fertile and composed of clay and limestone. This combination makes it ideal for cidre apple production. The Hautes-Tiges method combined with traditional cidre apple varieties creates an orchard that requires very little chemical manipulation so that they can produce apples using organic techniques. Their Cidre Fermier Brut is produced from these orchards.

Appearance: Gold with light haze.

Aroma: Butter, caramel, woody, musty orchard floor, spicy, gooseberries, white wine character.

Taste: Medium- tannins, medium acidity, mild+ astringency.

Overall Impression: The Brut is mildly funky with a nice apply character and a good overall balance. It’s a very nice all around Norman Cidre. It gives you a little bit of everything that’s characteristic of a Cidre from Normandie.

CO2 levels: High- sparkle.
Geography: Pays d’Auge, Normandie

  • Sweets: Cheval, Bedan, Rouge Duret, Germaine
  • Bittersweet: Argile Grise, Bisquet, Binet Rouge, Joly Rouge, La Pilée, Petit Sorte, Saint Martin, Noël des Champs
  • Bitter: Domaine, Mettais, Fréquin Rouge, Fréquin Rouge Petit
  • Sharp: Rambault, Avrolles,

Availability: Where products imported by Wine Traditions, LTD are sold.

5% ABV

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