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Minotière Cidre Fermier Bio Brut

Minotiere Cidre Fermier Bio Brut

Domaine de la Minotière is small, organic orchard and cider producer creating rustic, farmhouse-style French Cidres. Minotière farms 15 hectares of organic land and only uses traditional methods for its cider production. They produce two variations on their cider: a brut and doux. This is their Brut (dry) cidre.

Appearance: Gold

Aroma: Funky, earthy, woody, musty orchard, apricots, spicy/phenol, caramel apple,

Taste: Medium+ tannins, medium acidity, medium+ astringency

Overall Impression: Minotière is very dry and quite funky. The apples tend towards the more bitter/tannic side of the spectrum and help create a very nice rustic cidre that feels very traditional. If you’re a fan of more traditional English ciders or rustic scrumpy-styles, this would be an ideal cider to try if you’re wanting to try a Norman cider on the funkier end of the spectrum.

CO2 Levels: Medium+ Sparkling
Geography: Normandie
Apples: Binet rouge, Bisquet, Noeldes champs, Clos renaux, Petit jaune, Peau de chien

Availability: In small quantities throughout the US where Winesellers, LTD products are sold.

5% ABV

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