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Glassware: More Than Just a Beverage Holder

Glassware: More Than Just a Beverage Holder

Glassware is a vital link in your branding program. Not only does it provide an in-account advertisement with a logo on the side, but it can say a whole lot about your brand. Whether you’re looking for the classic, utilitarian pint glass or for a more elegant option, choosing the right glassware can help extend your branding goals directly into the hands of your end consumers in the on-premise arena.

Glassware comes in all shapes and sizes, but what are their purposes and what can they do for your brewery or cidery? Is a pint glass right for your brand or is a more specific shape a better choice? Maybe a combination of different shapes will work best. We’ll look at six of the most common shapes and discuss the traits of each.

The Pint Glass

The pint glass is the most ubiquitous shape and size in the American beverage scene. It’s cheap… (continue reading at

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