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How To Choose The Right Beer Packaging

Are you a professional brewer or brewery owner? Are you looking to expand from draft into packaged beer? My third article for The Equipped Brewer can help you make the right choices on your cardboard needs:

How To Choose The Right Beer Packaging

There are a lot of ways to package your beer or cider for retail sales. Will you go with the popular and traditional 6-pack or the more specialty brand 4-pack? Is your brewery ready for a 12-pack or maybe a mixed pack or gift pack? Most breweries start out as a draft only, but what happens when you’re ready to make the next move in your brewery’s development: packed beer or cider?

Mother Carton

The first step for any producer is to decide what size package you’re going to start with. Most new producers tend to go with the most basic introductory… (continue reading at

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