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Logsdon Organic Farmhouse Ales Bergschrund Aberrant

Logsdon Aberrant

  Logsdon Farmhouse Ales Bergschrund Series is brewer Chuck Porter’s new separate line of beers.  They will still say brewed at and by Logsdon, but they’re his recipes and labels which will allow him to deviate from the house style.  Aberrant is the first beer to be released in this line.  It’s an Organic Farmhouse Golden Ale.  As far as I’ve been able to find, they haven’t released a second beer in the Bergschrund line yet, but I’ll be keeping my eye out for it.  You can read more about Chuck Porter and his new line at the New School blog’s recent interview with him.

Logsdon, if you’re not familiar with them, is a small farmhouse brewery a few minutes outside of Hood River, Oregon.  They’re literally situated on a working farm.  Their goal is to create authentic and organic Belgian-style Saisons along with a few other styles.  They’ve quickly shot into the minds of Northwest beer lovers with their quality and into the national spotlight winning medals at GABF.

Appearance: Hazy blond, white head, great retention.

Aroma: Banana creme, pilsner malt, bready, yeasty, cinnamon stick, clove, light funk, mango, sage.

Taste: Herbal, yeasty, phenolic, peppery finish with a light tartness.

Overall Impression: This is a very dry and spritzy beer with a long finish.  It’s subtle and complex with all the elements blended together nicely.  This beer has developed nicely since its release in late spring.  I think Chuck has a winner here.  Although this was a seasonal release, there may still be some bottles kicking around.  I can’t wait to try the next beer in this series.  If you do find some, it would make a great companion to your Thanksgiving meal.  This beer would be a food pairing superstar.

Availability: Dwindling around Oregon, grab it if you see it.  This series doesn’t have a large of a distribution footprint as the main Logsdon beers do.

8% ABV

You can read more reviews of Logsdon Organic Farmhouse Ales on my page dedicated to them.

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