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Tre Fontane Tripel

Tre Fontane TripelTre Fontane is the newest brewery to join the brotherhood of Trappist breweries. Their first offering is a Tripel. Thanks to my friend Kevin of Belgian Beer Geek, I have a bottle to review.

While Tre Fontane has a long history of alcohol production, they’ve been making liquor since 1873, their beer is a newer enterprise. Brewed with Eucalyptus grown on site, Tre Fontane’s Tripel takes a healthy dose of Belgian Trappist brewing tradition, Italian culinary technique, and craft beer innovation and blend it together into Italy’s first Trappist Brewery.

Born in Rome in the 4th century, Tre Fontane has a storied history and has played an important role in the history of the Church of Rome. If you’d like to read more about their story, you can read my piece about their entrance into the world of Trappist Brewing as the 11th recognized Trappist Brewery: The Brewing Monks: The 11th Trappist – Tre Fontane.

Appearance: Hazy peach/blond, off white head, good retention.

Aroma: Mint, eucalyptus, herbal notes, nutty, peach, apricot.

Taste: Herbal, mint, yeasty, nutty, apricots.

Overall Impression: Tre Fontane has a nice mix of Belgian flavor and Italian elegance. The minty/eucalyptus notes are present and lead off the aroma but don’t overwhelm the beer. They’re a defining element, but not the only element. It’s fruity and herbal with a nice medium-long finish. This is a good first effort from the Italian Trappist and shows good promise for the future. They’ve created a beer that fits the Trappist mold while providing its own voice. If you come across this beer, definitely treat yourself.

Availability: Not currently available in the US.

8.5% ABV

Notes: Tasted on January 6, 2016 and Best Before June 2016.

Tre Fontane

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