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Beer/Cider Photo of the Week: Apple Blossoms at EZ Orchards

Orchards are always interesting to shoot. There’s a lot of light and shade to work with and around. Also, if you’re not careful picking your focus and framing, you’ll end up with a noisy mess of a photo with no interest. It’s best, in my experience, to find a small target with multiple layers so the intended focus doesn’t wash out with leafy green noise.

EZ Orchards is one of the best French inspired ciders in the US. Kevin Zielinski is one of the most admired orchardists and cider makers in the US cider scene. At heart, he’s a farmer. In this case, he farms cider apples. His orchard is made up of several varieties of French apples and poiré pears. It was pleasure to have Kevin show me around his pride and joy last spring as his trees were in bloom. From these lovely white blossoms, the year’s apple harvests will grow.

This photo was taken April 9, 2016.

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