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Eric Bordelet Poiré Authentique

Eric Bordelet Poire AuthentiqueEric Bordelet is one of the most admired orchardists and cider makers in France and the world. His unique perspective and vision is driving his brand to world-renowned status both for its quality and  style. Eric Bordelet left the family orchards to move to Paris where we worked as a Sommelier until he returned in 1992. With a vision for his ciders, he ignored the recommended varieties and set about planting those he was truly interested in using dwarf root stock. Situated just outside of the Normandy and Brittany cider appellations, Eric Bordelet can truly march to the beat of his own drum, even using the terms “Sidre” or “Sydre” instead of the standard “cidre.”

Besides planting his favorite varieties, he’s been on a singular mission to save and expand his plantings of rare and old pear trees, most of which he has no idea what they’re even named. His devotion to protecting his family’s rare pears has earned him a huge amount of respect from those of us who admire the preservation of our agricultural heritage. His work will allow people to once again taste their ancient varieties as their ancestors once did.

Poiré Authentique is an extension of Bordelet’s love of the pear. It would be the entry-level Poiré in the Eric Bordelet line.

Appearance: Pale blonde.

Aroma: Mineral, vinous notes, elegant pear, stone fruit, peaches.

Taste: Medium tannin, medium acidity, mild astringency, balancing sweetness.

Overall Impression: Poiré Authentique is quickly becoming one of my favorite poirés and perries. Poiré Authentique is supremely elegant with a nice zippy sparkle that brings it all together into perfect balance. Without a doubt, if you see Eric Bordelet Poiré Authentique, pick it up and experience Eric Bordelet’s bold vision.

CO2: Full Sparkle
Geography: Pays de la Loire
Pears: Potentially any of these varieties or some of the unknown varieties mentioned above – Plant de Blanc, Autricotin, De Cloche, Certeau(origine Champenoise), Petit Certeau, Fausset, Petit Fausset, Béziers, Belle Verge, Connerie, De Gilbert, Laurier, De Vigne, Vinot, Verdot, Rouge Vigny, Souris, Saint Aignan, Domfront, Gaubert.

Availability: Imported by various importers throughout the United States. You can look at the list here to find one near you.

4% ABV

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