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Comte Louis de Lauriston Cidre Bouche Brut

Comte Louis de Lauriston CidreComte Louis de Lauriston definitely has a fun and interesting past that lends flavor to this traditional Norman cidre. Located in the southwest of Normandy in a particularly wooded area known as Domfront, it’s been long known as the site of illicit activities and scofflawery including what American’s would refer to as moonshining. Domfront is renowned as a region of small farmers and orchards. Those farmers used to quickly and quietly distill their cidre into Normandy’s famous Calvados apple brandy. Under the dark of night, they’d produce their brandy and avoid the tax man.

This finally came to a head in 1962 when a group of tax officials swooped in on some farmers who were moving their wares. Soon more farmers showed up to support their compatriots creating a stand-off between the two parties. Eventually, cooler heads prevailed and the two groups sent for the respected Comte Louis de Lauriston, the Secretary General of the local farmers federation (Comte is the French word for Count). The eventual solution involved something for both parties. The fines and penalties would be suspended if the farmers agreed to set up an official, taxable cellar to produce under. Headed by the Comte, Chais du Verger Normand was the result. In honor of the respected Count, the ciders and Calvados were marketed as Comte Louis de Lauriston.

In 1992, Chais du Verger Normand joined forces with famed cidre/Calvados house of Christian Drouin. Today, Christian Drouin produces and markets the products of the famed small farms of Domfront, including this Cidre Bouché Brut de Normandie.

Appearance: Honey gold, bright and clear.

Aroma: Earthy, musty, floral, rich apple, honey.

Taste: Strongly tannic, mild acidity, medium astringency.

Overall Impression: Dry with a long finish, Comte Louis de Lauriston makes for a bold and tasty cider on the more tannic side of the spectrum. It definitely doesn’t have the weight of some other Norman ciders, but it’s not supposed to. Light but still full of flavor, Comte Louis de Lauriston is a refreshing and enjoyable dry cidre.

CO2 Levels: Medium sparkle
Geography: Domfront, Normandy
Apples: Over 50 cider varieties.

Availability: Nationally. Imported by B. United International.

4.5% ABV

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