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Haand Bryggeriet Odin’s Tipple Dark Norse Ale

Haand Odins Tipple
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Haand Bryggeriet Odin’s Tipple is the second beer from the small Norwegian brewery that I’ve tried.  The first, Haandbic, was an extremely unusual beer.  While Odin’s Tipple is a much more traditional style, both share an exceptional quality.  Odin’s Tipple is a special release that changes from year to year.  This year’s version is a big Imperial Stout.

Appearance: Dark, thick and black.  Brown head, great retention.

Aroma: Rich, dark chocolate, coffee, rum, port, sherry, fruit cake, leather, light smokiness

Taste: Light smokiness, alcohol warmth, spicy, figs, raisins, leather, tobacco.  Thick viscous mouthfeel. Excellent malt bitterness.

Overall Impression: If you want a thick, bold, and powerful Imperial Stout, this is the beer for you.  While this one is quite big in its character, it’s still well balanced with a solid carbonation that keeps the beer from being overly burdensome on your palate.  Let it warm up some before you open it.  You want it warmer than fridge temperature to really enjoy this beer’s depth and character.  This small Norwegian brewery is really doing some good work!

Availability: This beer is imported by Shelton Brothers, check with stores that carry their other beers to see if they have the Haand beers.

11% ABV

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