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Scotch Silly Scotch Barrel Aged

Scotch Barrel Aged Silly ScotchScotch Silly is Brasserie de Silly‘s most famous beer. Created at the end of WWI to satisfy the thirst of Scottish troops stationed in the area, Scotch Silly has changed little in its nearly 100 year history. The biggest change has been the annual release of their barrel aged variant. So far, they’ve aged the Scotch Ale in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Port, Whiskey, and Cognac barrels. Last year’s Burgundy is still probably on some shelves if distributors stocked up. It’s quite outstanding! Here’s the review I wrote last year for it.

This year, Lionel and his cousin Bertrand decided to bring the Scotch Silly full circle and age it in Scotch Whisky barrels. I got to taste this with Lionel during my September visit. He had no idea what barrels he’d received. His barrel broker was only able to obtain these barrels as long as the broker didn’t pass along the name of the distillery. So a century later, a recipe created by a Scottish brewer and soldier gets the full Scottish treatment with whisky barrels imported from far shores of Scotland.

Appearance: Dark brown, tan head, great retention.

Aroma: Caramel, spice, light peat notes, wood, ocean air, light coffee, toffee, earthy hints.

Taste: Spice, touch of alcohol, cinnamon, chocolate, light smokey notes.

Overall Impression: First of all, what an outstanding beer! The Scotch flavors integrate perfectly. The peaty notes don’t overwhelm. While some folks don’t like Scotch because of peaty or medicinal notes, those people shouldn’t be shy about trying this beer. This may be their gateway to Scotch! The notes of alcohol and Scotch flavors balance out the Scotch Ale’s maltier tendencies creating a dangerously drinkable high ABV beer. This is another great barrel aged version from my friends at Brasserie de Silly.

Availability: One time release, now hitting shelves where beer from Global Beer Network are sold.

9.5% ABV

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