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Ommegang Winter is Here “Game of Thrones”

Ommegang Winter is HereBrewery Ommegang just released the next beer in its ongoing Game of Thrones beer series. “Winter is Here” is a double wit featuring the seldom seen ultimate villain of the series: the Night King. This beer beer plays off the snow and cold of the far north of Westros and its undead denizens the White Walkers. What better way to announce that winter is here than with a double wit!

Ommegang will also be re-releasing their Fire and Blood beer. This earlier Game of Thrones beer features one of the show’s dragons. The beer itself is a red ale brewed with Ancho chili peppers. It will be released, along with the Winter is Here beer, in a gift box along with a Game of Thrones/Ommegang glass.

Brewed with pilsner malt, white wheat malt, red wheat flakes, and saaz hops, it also uses a variety of spices, including salt, white pepper, coriander, and sweet orange peel. Typical Wits are in the 5% ABV range. This one, being a double wit, is quite a bit higher.

Appearance: Hazy blonde, off white head, great retention.

Aroma: Ripe banana, peaches, vanilla, fruity, floral, spicy, hints of coriander.

Taste: Banana creme, touch of alcohol, peaches, ‘Nilla wafers.

Overall Impression: This beer drinks like hybrid between a classic wit and a strong blond. You get the lighter fruity and wheaty elements from the wit combined with the higher alcohol flavors a strong blond generates. It’s a nice blend of quaffability and kick. It’s tasty and balanced with a nice effervescent carbonation. It’s a fun and enjoyable entrant in Ommegang’s Game of Thrones beer series.

Availability: Nationally where Ommegang beers are sold. This release is only available for a limited time.

8.3% ABV

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Disclosure: This beer was sent to me by Ommegang for review. Thank you!


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