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Rodenbach Fruitage

Rodenbach is best known as the maker of one of Belgium’s classic sour beer styles: The Flemish Red. The style originates from techniques the Rodenbach family learned from English Porter blenders during the 19th century.  The technique involves blending young beer with old. This allows a brewery to use old sour beer and make it more generally acceptable to consumers. This was a particularly valuable technique in a time prior to modern sanitation and refrigeration.

Today, Rodenbach uses a forest of nearly 300 massive oak foeders to produce a variety of different blends. In recent years, they’ve resurrected some of their classic blends and adding a newer, more modern blend. Fruitage uses a blend like Classic Rodenbach, 75% young beer to 25% old beer. They then add a blend of mostly cherry juice with some elderberry mixed in. In Belgium, it’s known as Rodenbach Rosso. It’s available in a cute 25cl (8.4 oz).

Appearance: Red/brown, lavender head, solid retention.

Aroma: Cherry, raspberries, currants, berries, citrus/blood orange zest, jammy,

Taste: Fruity, jammy, cherries, hint of balsamic/fruit vinegar.

Overall Impression: Rodenbach Fruitage is lightly tart, fruity, and refreshing. It’s an easy drinking Rodenbach with some great fruit character. It’s a fun beer that’s a nice treat for summer or when you’re looking for nice fruit flavor in a low ABV package.

Availability: Nationally where Rodenbach is sold. Imported by Latis Imports.

4.2% ABV

Disclosure: This beer was sent to me by Rodenbach for review.

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