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Le Pere Jules Poiré

Jules Desfrièches returned to Normandy in 1919 after serving France during WWI where he’d earned the nickname “Père” Jules. Raised by his grandparents how loved Normandy, Jules learned to make cider on his grandparents’ farm using the trees that are virtually omnipresent throughout northern France. Once Jules returned, he began producing cider and selling it locally. In 1923, he started distilling Calvados. 30 years after its founding, Jules’ son Léon joined the firm and changed the name of the branding to Le Père Jules in honor of his father. Jules’ grandson Thierry joined the family business in 1976 and began exporting their products in 1980. Guilluame, the 4th generation, now armed with a oenology degree, joined the business in 2002.

Amongst Le Père Jules Cidre, Pommeau, and Calvados offerings; they also offer a Poiré. They use 3 AOC approved varietals that come from trees that are over 100 years old to produce their elegant and refreshing Poiré.

Appearance: Pale straw yellow.

Aroma: Earthy, pear, honey suckle, apricots, peaches, lightly herbal/woody, floral, honey.

Taste: Mild+ tannins, medium acidity, mild+ astringency.

Overall Impression: Le Père Jules Poiré is on the more elegant spectrum for Poiré. It has tiny little streamers of Champagne like bubbles that would make Champagne flutes an ideal serving method to advantage of the attractive carbonation. Fruity and floral, Le Père Jules Poiré is a very beautiful and tasty. It’s a little hard to find in the US, but if you see it don’t hesitate to jump on it immediately.

CO2 Levels: High sparkle.
Geography: Pays d’Auge, Normandie
Pears: AOC Pears.

Availability: In states where products imported by French Libation are sold.

4% ABV

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