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Pfriem Brett Brux Pale Ale – Bottle No. 4 6/6/2017

4 bottles in and Pfriem Family Brewers Brett Brux Pale Ale is developing quite nicely! It ‘s been a little over a year and half since it was bottled on December 09, 2015. Brett Brux Pale is Pfriem’s homage to the world famous Belgian Trappist Ale brewed by Orval. What makes Orval unique is that it’s brewed with the Brettanomyses Bruxellensis yeast strain. First brewed in the 1930s, Orval can be considered the first “modern” wild ale.

Many brewers have paid tribute to Orval, including Josh Pfriem. When I decided to add this my cellar project, known as The Brux Project, I hoped it would develop like Orval did over time. So far, we seem to be in luck!

Appearance: Hazy Gold with copper highlights, beige head, great retention.

Aroma: Citrus rind, kumquat, nilla wafers, orange blossoms, floral, spicy.

Taste: vanilla, kumquat, spicy, light peppery finish.

Overall Impression: So far the malt tones have dropped out and the Brett tones are starting to produce some nice citrusy notes. The addition of yeasty vanilla notes is also a nice part of its current evolution. If you have bottles to spare, I’d highly recommend opening one now. It’s exceptionally tasty right now. There is quite a bit of yeast sediment in the bottom, so be cautious when you pour it.

Availability: There may be the odd rare bottle out there for trade, but I doubt you’ll find any at a shop unless they’re selling them as a cellared item.

6.9% ABV

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