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Beau Soleil Cidre Fermier Bio

Thomas Renouard has been growing apples on his family’s 8 hectares since 2002. The orchards are full of traditional apple varieties, many of which were planted by Thomas’ grandfather.  In 2005, he began the process of converting his orchards from standard to organic. ECOCERT awarded the Renouard orchards organic status in 2008. Today, Thomas Renouard runs a one person operation under the Beau Soleil label. He’s the delivery driver, the cider maker, and the sales staff all wrapped in one.

Appearance: Deep gold.

Aroma: Buttery, baked apple, woody, herbal, apricots, earthy.

Taste: Medium tannins, medium- acidity, medium+ astringency.

Overall Impression: Beau Soleil is big and earthy with a solid load of tannins that balance nicely with the acidity and apply fruitiness. The astringency is quite drying. This is a bit of a bigger cider in flavor and seems to capture that Breton rustic cidre feel.

CO2 Levels: Medium+ sparkle.
Geography: Matignon, Bretagne

  • Body/Color – Jean Renard, Marie Renard
  • Balance/Aroma – Coux Molen, Cuir d’Ame
  • Acidity – Judor, Loucart Vert
  • Sweetness: Peau de Chien, Douce Coet Ligne.

Availability: Sold where products imported by Wines of France are carried.

5% ABV


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