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Beer/Cider Photo of the Week: Eric Bordelet of Eric Bordelet Cidrerie


I always feel like I’m invading someone’s space when I take a picture of them. I guess that part of me hasn’t worn off yet. Pros, I imagine, don’t even think about this largely. They’re job is to get the shot and make it look good. I always feel like I’m sneaking one in.

Eric Bordelet is one of the bigger names in French Cidre. He has a personality to match. After showing me and his French distributor around, he ran us through his products. Here, he’s showing off a bottle of Jus. His unfermented cidre apple juice. This is one of those photos that just really seems to capture the personality of the subject. I’m particularly happy with the results of this photograph.

This photo was taken on September 27th, 2016.


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