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Beer/Cider Photo of the Week: The Old Mash Tun at Brouwerij St. Bernardus


I love the industrial art of breweries. The metals, lines, and interplay of light and shadow across machines, pipes, and concrete make for an interesting and often difficult subject to capture in a photograph.

This is the inside of the old mash tun at Brouwerij St Bernardus in Watou, Belgium. The inside of the vessel was quite dark but the copper caused the flash to flare out the shot so I balanced the lens on the lip of the tank, took a steadying breath, and went for a handheld long exposure. Fortunately, it came out nicely and this is the result.

The old copper brew house is no longer in service at St. Bernardus but is still available to view as a monument to the brewery’s past. They could even be pressed into service if capacity ever became an issue in the new brew house.

This photo was taken on October 18, 2016.

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