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Eric Bordelet Poiré Granit 2014

Eric Bordelet Poire GranitIn about 3 weeks, I’ll be roaming around Northern France and checking out cideries. I’m highly excited that one of those will the exceptional Eric Bordelet. Since I’ve first tried his Poirés, I’ve been quite enamored with them. Eric Bordelet Poirés are simply some of the most elegant perry pear ciders being made today. Eric’s work to preserve as many Poiré Tree varieties as possible to help protect this beverage is highly admirable and one all fans of authentic agricultural products should both respect and encourage.

I was thoroughly excited to receive and email back from Mr. Bordelet when I reached out to him. I have no business connections with him or any of his importers, so it was a complete cold call email to see if I could visit. He wrote back promptly and told me to stop by! He even signed the email “siderly.” Needless to say, I fanboyed a bit at that.

The Eric Bordelet Poiré Granit is top of the line Poiré release, at least in the US. I’m not sure if he has a special releases in France. It’s his Grand Cru selected from trees with the best and most interesting soils with their roots plunging deep into the mineral-y, granite earth. This soil composition creates a terroir that produces pears with deepest of flavors and aromas.

Appearance: Blonde, light gold.

Aroma: Pear, minerals, light butter notes, vinous aromas, floral, orange blossoms.

Taste: Medium tannins, medium acidity, mild astringency.

Overall Impression: Beautiful and elegant. The flavors are both balanced and bold with a medium long finish. You can’t go wrong with an Eric Bordelet Poiré. They’re a little hard to find and few and far between, so if you see one don’t hesitate to pick on up. The Authentique is more commonly available and doesn’t cost as much, but the Granit is definitely the top of the line. Highly, highly recommended.

CO2: Medium Sparkle.
Geography: Pays de la Loire
Pears: Potentially any of these varieties or some of the unknown varieties mentioned above – Plant de Blanc, Autricotin, De Cloche, Certeau(origine Champenoise), Petit Certeau, Fausset, Petit Fausset, Béziers, Belle Verge, Connerie, De Gilbert, Laurier, De Vigne, Vinot, Verdot, Rouge Vigny, Souris, Saint Aignan, Domfront, Gaubert.

Availability: Imported by various importers throughout the United States. You can look at the list here to find one near you.

3.5% ABV

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