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Prague – Day 1

After a lonnnnnnnngggggggg day of traveling, I landed in Prague. Exhausted, I made it to my AirBnB in the Karlin neighborhood after only taking one wrong tram ride. Actually, it was the right one, just going the wrong direction. 

I tried to stay awake, but finally gave in and took a 45 minute nap. After that, a walk around the neighborhood and a .5L of Pilsner Urquell left me feeling revived. It’s amazing what a nap, a walk, and a beer will do. I felt equipped to achieve my goal of staying up long enough to go to bed at a normal time so I could reset my body clock. It worked. I finished out Day 1 at one of Prague’s best craft beer bars: Pivovarsky Klub. With a nice venison goulash and a few beers in my belly, I called it a day and walked back to the apartment and crashed. 

The View from my AirBnB
The Draft Tower at the Famous Pivovarsky Klub
Benedict Lezak 12
Kynspersky Zajic Tmavy 12

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