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De Plukker Single (Double) Green Hop 2015

De Plukker Single Double Green Hop 2015Each year, Joris Cambie, organic  and multi-generational hop farmer and recent brewer, picks a day to brew his green hopped Single Green Hop beer. When that day rolls around, whatever hops that are coming off the picker are used. 2015’s edition brought a surprise: they harvested two different hops!  In a 50/50 split, two hops that have appeared in past solo performances have come together to make the newest edition another winner in the series.

The WGV (Whitbread Golding Variety) hop was used in the 2013 edition while the Golding hop first made its appearance in the very first edition 2012. Since these two hops were being harvested, they both went into the beer, whose base recipe stays the same each year.

Appearance: Hazy Amber, beige head, great retention.

Aroma: Caramel, biscuit, spicy, woodsy, toffee, herbal notes.

Taste: Caramel, toffee, biscuit, spicy, woodsy, herbal.

Overall Impression: De Plukker’s beers are always quite delightful. The carbonation is spot on and creates a velvety mouthfeel. Dry, crisp, and balanced; Single (Double) Green Hop 2015 is an excellent showcase for Belgian grown hops. But like a truly well made Belgian beer, it’s not all about the hops allowing the entire beer to shine. The 2015 is probably gone, and a bit past its prime since the hops were uncured before going into the beer. However, the 2016 edition should be available in a few months after the hop harvest comes in.

Availability: This years batch is probably gone.  When it’s fresh, it’s only available in Belgium.  Joris is currently expanding the brewery.  If he ever gets to the point where he can’t sell all of his beers in Belgium, he’ll hopefully ship some to us Americans.  There were 1,914 bottles produced in this batch.

5.5% ABV

You can read more of my De Plukker reviews on my page dedicated to the Brewery.

De Plukker Single Double Green Hop Bottle

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