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Drinking with the Belgians: Brouwerij De Brabandere in Portland, Oregon Edition (July 19th, 2016)

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The Belgians are coming to Portland, Oregon! If you’ve ever followed me on instagram or facebook, you’ve seen me label photos under the “drinking with Belgians” phrase. It’s my fun title for when I’m, well obviously, drinking with Belgians. Most of the time, I’m doing it in Belgium but on occasion, when there are some Belgians in town, you can find me drinking with them in Portland. On July 19th, 2016; Albert De Brandere and Yves Benoit will be in Portland holding a sour beer blending seminar at Saraveza‘s Bad Habit Room. They will be there for two sessions.

Albert De Brabandere is the 7th generation family owner of Brouwerij De Brabandere of Bavikhove, Belgium. Yves Benoit is the Master Brewer. Brouwerij De Brabandere is famous for its Bavik Super Pils and its Petrus line of sour beers. The seminar will focus on the 3 main sour beers of De Brabandere: Aged Pale Ale, Aged Red, & Oud Bruin. Participants will also get a glass of Bavik Super Pils and a sample of the brand new Wittekerke Wild. Wittekerke Wild takes De Brabandere’s traditional Belgian Wit, Wittekerke Wit, and uses the Petrus Aged Pale’s yeast and bacteria culture to sour it to create a highly refreshing and tart twist on a wit. Participants will also get a Petrus blending glass to take home and chances to win other prizes.

Tickets are available at: There will be two sessions available: 5pm and 8pm. Tickets are $40 each. In addition, you can try the highly limited Petrus 80/20 blend before and after the sessions in the main bar at Saraveza. 80/20 is a blend of 80% Aged Pale and 20% Aged Red (A blend of Aged Pale and Dubbel Brown with cherries). The 80/20 blend was created especially for their national Petrus Sour Blending tour. Brouwerij De Brandere is imported by Global Beer Network.


Saraveza Petrus Blending Seminar


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