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Boon Oude Geuze Black Label

Boon Black Label Oude Geuze LabelI’m always excited to see new products from Brouwerij Boon. They consistently produce some of my favorite Geuzes. Their newest project is a new spin on their classic Oude Geuze. They got the idea when working with Mikkeller on a collaboration blend that would use some of Boon’s dryest stocks.

Liking this idea, Boon decided to produce their own version from a blend of 1-year old, 2-year old, & 3-year old beers. The beer has a much higher attenuation level than their standard Oude Geuze; up to 100% dryness. Finding the right combination of beers that would allow maximum dryness while still having enough sugar left to finish in the bottle was a big challenge according to the brewery.

Appearance: Hazy copper/gold, beige head, great retention.

Aroma:Gooseberries, lemon pith, straw, fruity, citrus zest, mild green apples, light undertones of funk, grapefruit juice.

Taste: Gooseberries, ruby grapefruit, light lemon tones, green apple, mild funkiness.

Overall Impression: Like all Boon beers, Black Label is balanced and elegant with firm but delicate tartness. It has a medium-long finish that lingers pleasantly and refreshingly. I’m excited to see this one landing in the US. I hope it becomes a regular part of the lineup and available in 375ml bottles as well.

Availability: This beer should be appearing on the shelves in the US in the near future. It will be a limited release. Brouwerij Boon beers are imported by Latis Imports.

7% ABV

Notes: Best Before 26/03/2035 (bottled on March 26,2015)

To read more about Brouwerij Boon and my reviews of their beers, go to my page on Brouwerij Boon where you can also read about my tour of the brewery with Frank Boon.

Special thanks to Kevin at Belgian Beer Geek for sending this beer my way via one of our beer trades.

Boon Black Label Oude Geuzue

One thought on “Boon Oude Geuze Black Label

  1. Well I hope this makes it to Canada as that sounds quite tasty! I have not had very many beer from this amazing brewery but I hope to change that.

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