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Brux Domesticated Wild Ale (A Russian River & Sierra Nevada Collaboration) Bottle No. 6 – 3/1/2015

Brux Domesticated Wild AleThis review is part of the ongoing “The Brux Project” at I think about beer.  To read the details, follow this link: The Brux Project.

The sixth bottle was reviewed on 03/01/2015.

Appearance: Lightly hazy gold with amber notes, off white head, poor retention.

Aroma: Peaches, apricots, pepper, white cherries, light smokey notes, spicy, perfumy, pineapple.

Taste: Earthy, peach, stone fruit pits, fruity, pineapple, custard, light grain notes.

Overall Impression: I think this is the most integrated the beer has been since it was a new beer.  6 bottles in and  nearly 3 years from its release, Brux is continuing to slowly unwind all the while developing increasing levels of complexity.  It’s subtle, flavorful, creamy, and really quite a beautiful beer.  While there isn’t any head retention, there’s still a good level of spritz.  If you have a bottle, I’d give a high recommendation for opening it now.  It’s really changing and evolving.  You certainly wouldn’t go wrong opening your bottle now.  I don’t think I’ll be speeding up tasting interval.  I think there’s still a lot of life in the beer and a lot more room to change and grow.  I’m eager to see where the next 6 bottles go.

Cellar: If your curious about what the conditions are that I’ve been keeping the bottles at, check out the link above to The Brux Project to see how I’m storing it.  If you’re storing yours warmer, it may be a bit further in its progression than mine.  If it’s cooler, a bit less.

Availability: Probably gone from stores.  I’ve seen it up in some “vintage” sales.

8.3% ABV


One thought on “Brux Domesticated Wild Ale (A Russian River & Sierra Nevada Collaboration) Bottle No. 6 – 3/1/2015

  1. Hi Chris…
    You and I got similar experiences… check out our BrewView on it and see what you think:

    You were smart to buy as many as you did… I could only get my hands on 2 bottles of 2012 BRUX back in December 2014 at our Liquor Barn here in Redding. I have my very last one cellaring right now… I’m going to open it up in December 2015 and compare my notes. I look forward to reading your next installment in September!


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