Driftwood Brewery Gose-uh

Driftwood Gose-us LabelDriftwood Brewery continues to push the boundaries of Canadian beer with their sour program.  One of the newest seasonal sour releases is this Gose-uh.  Gose is a rare style that’s seen a resurgance in both its home country of Germany and with craft brewers in the United States, and in this case, Canada.

Gose is a sour wheat ale that’s brewed with salt and coriander.  Originally, in Goslar, Germany (where the style is believed to have originated), the mineral content of the water was so high that the “saltiness” was conveyed naturally.  Its current German home, though, is in the city of Leipzig.  Once the mining died out and Goslar became far less prosperous, they stopped brewing Gose.  Leipzig picked up the ball since it loved the style.  Typically, they’ll add sea salt to the mix to get that same saltiness, as do most new world brewers.

The final piece of the puzzle belonged to spontaneous fermentation, much like the Geuzes of Belgium.  Now, the beer is brewed with standard ale yeast with a does of lactic bacteria added for souring.

Appearance: Hazy pale blonde, white pillowy head, solid retention.

Aroma: Lemon, mineral notes, lime, coriander, sea spray.

Taste: Crisp wheat, citrus, bready tones.

Overall Impression:  This is another really interested and tasty sour beer by Driftwood Brewing.  All the flavor elements were well-balanced and within style parameters.  I like wheat ales, and I like sour ales.  This beer is that happy intersection.  If you can’t find an original Leipzig Gose, this one is spot on, try it to learn about the style or just because you want to drink a really well made interpretation of a historical style.

Availability: Seasonal in British Columbia and NW Washington.  It’s past its season, but some bottles may still be on shelves.  Grab it if you see it.

5% ABV

Note: This was another fine gift from my beer exchange with British Columbian beer fan Leapbeer

You can read more of my Driftwood Brewery reviews on my page dedicated to the brewery.

11 responses to “Driftwood Brewery Gose-uh

  1. I’ve tried a couple of goses at the bar, but other than being a sour wheat beer I was not very knowledgeable about them. I learned some things from your post, which is always a great thing. Any recommendations for a widely available good representation of the style?

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