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Brasserie d’Achouffe N’Ice Chouffe

N'Ice ChouffeBrasserie d’Achouffe N’Ice Chouffe is the brewery’s winter seasonal.  Our gnome friends are back; this time one is wearing a nice Christmas colored kilt while he joins his friend by the fire in their wintery scene.  N’Ice Chouffe is definitely what you’d refer to as a “winter warmer.” At 10% ABV, this one will certainly warm your spirits.  First brewed in 1993,  this marks the winter seasonal’s 20th anniversary!

N’Ice is brewed with thyme and Curaçao orange peel to give it a bit of extra festive spiciness.

Appearance: Bright garnet brown, tan head, great retention.

Aroma: Cocoa, chai, dried cherry, cola, leather, hard wood, caramel, toffee, orange hints, herbal.

Taste: Orange peel, cocao, herbal, chocolate, spicy finish.

Overall Impression: For a malty 10% beer brewed with brewing sugar, this beer is well balanced.  It’s filled with loads of complexity coupled with a sipping drinkability that should make any winter beer drinker plenty happy.  As the bottle requests, let the beer warm up.  They recommend 60°F.  The warmth really lets the beer open all its secrets to you.

Availability: Seasonally at better beer stores.  Imported by Duvel Moortgat USA.

10% ABV

You can read more about Brasserie d’Achouffe at my page dedicated to them.

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