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Boon Oude Geuze Vat 44 – Bottle no. 1 – 6/6/2013

Boon Vat 44On the 19th of April, 2013, Frank Boon and Brouwerij Boon celebrated their grand re-opening with a special party and a special beer.  Herman Van Rompuy, the EU President and a friend of Frank’s, was .  in attendance to cut the ribbon and officially open Boon’s new brewery.  To celebrate the next stage in the brewery’s evolution, Frank created a new beer for the occasion.

Vat 44 is a single barrel (foeder) “mono blend.”  In December of 2008, he brewed a heavier than normal batch of beer and placed it in Foeder No. 44.  The beer was then bottled in August of 2010 where it bottle conditioned for nearly 3 years before the big party.  Only 20,500 375ml bottles were produced (approximately 1,700 12-bottle cases).

Appearance: Hazy gold/blonde. Off-white head, ok retention.

Aroma: Lemon, citrus zest, grapefruit, strong brett funk, notes of straw, fruity undertones.

Taste: Funky and tart with a long finish. Creamy mouthfeel.  A bit of white pepper on the finish.  Balanced.

Overall Impression: Like all Boon beers, this beer is elegant and very well-balanced.  All the parts come together harmoniously.  This particular version of his geuze appears to be a bit heavier on the brettanomyces side of things and should continue to develop nicely for a long time.  I’m glad I have a few bottles to lay down.  While this particular beer was a one-off, I really hope this concept becomes a regular limited-release at Boon.  This would add a 3rd, ultimate layer to Boon’s Geuze line (Oude Geuze and Mariage Parfait).

Availability: High limited and dwindling (Limited western European distribution)

8.5% ABV

To read more about Brouwerij Boon and my reviews of their beers, go to my page on Brouwerij Boon where you can also read about my tour of the brewery with Frank Boon.

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