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Brewery Ommegang Witte

Ommegang Witte
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Brewery Ommegang is one of the original US breweries that specialized in Belgian-style ale.  Now they’re owned by the Moorgat family brewery of Belgium, which makes Duvel.  Ommegang is still making amazing, traditional Belgian beer styles to this day.

Their Witte, a Belgian Wit or Blanche wheat ale, is a fairly new offering on the West Coast.  Wits are one of my favorite styles and perfect for spring and summer.  Where most American breweries fail with this style is that they make them too sweet and don’t give them enough carbonation.  This style should be crisp and refreshing, not flat and cloying.

Appearance: Pale straw yellow with white highlights (glowing), white head with good retention.

Aroma: Light, earthy funk with citrus notes and spices.  Fruity esters.

Taste: Spicy, citrus, orange oil, light graininess, touch of coriander.  Velvety carbonation.

Overall Impression: This is a great example of a Wit.  The carbonation is strong and refreshing.  The orange notes are integrated without being overwhelming.  It’s reasonably dry and crisp.  The light touch of funk on the nose and palate add a nice bit of extra interest.  This is a well crafted beer at a really good price.  It’ll pair well with a lot of great, fresh foods: think salads and light grilled meats.

Availability: Nationally at better beer stores.

5.2% ABV

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