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The Celt Experience Bleddyn 1075

(Photo used with permission from Paul Arnold/oubykh of
(Photo used with permission from Paul Arnold/oubykh of

The Celt Experience is a newer brewery based out of Caerphilly, Wales.  They’re part of the new craft beer revival/movement in the British Isles.  Founded in 2007, they have a wide range of traditional and experimental beers.  Their Bleddyn 1075, named after a powerful Welsh king, is called a Pale Ale on their bottle or an IPA on their website.  The website is quite well done, although I might prefer a little more reading material.  You can find a great video of brewery folk talking about their beers in proper Welsh.  If you’re a fan of linguistics, like I am, it’s worth the visit just for that.

The beer itself is made from 95% organic ingredients, including some organic hops.  The hops are mix of “Atlantic” (which I assume are traditional English hops) and New Zealand hops.  The beer carries the USDA Organic certification.

Appearance: Pale straw gold with a touch of haze.  Off white head with good retention.

Aroma: Citrus, tropical fruit, grapefruit, mossy hop notes.

Taste: Crisp with a woodsy finish.  A bit of citrus zest and grapefruit.  There’s also a bit of light honey malt character present.

Overall Impression:  The hops are really nicely presented in this beer.  You can definitely tell there’s a mix of woodsy English hops and tropical New Zealand hops.  Call it a Pale Ale or IPA, it’s a good beer.  The balance is outstanding as is wonderful hop character.  Worth the effort to find.

Availability: Limited US distribution.  Imported by Ararat Imports (Check their website for a lit of states that carry this beer).

5.6% ABV

Notes: I’d like to thank Paul Arnold/oubykh for the use of his photograph for this review.  You can read his blog and view his great photography at Blood, Stout and Tears.

2 thoughts on “The Celt Experience Bleddyn 1075

  1. Thanks for the credit.
    They do a pretty good range of beers, their Golden, Bronze and Dark Age sit in my basket frequently.
    I think its the excellent balance in this beer that does it, the hops are not massive like some pale ales that your US drinkers might be used to, but there’s enough there and with the sweet malt backbone it works so well.
    They also had a brewery tap quite close to where I live recently but unfortunately they are selling it.

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