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Stanley Park 1897 Amber

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Stanley Park Brewery is a brewery located in Vancouver, BC and can trace its history back to 1897.  I don’t know if they’ve been operating continuously since then, though.  Sustainability is a major concern for the brewery.  They own a wind turbine.   They package 2 beers: a Belgian-style pilsner and a Belgian-style amber. Although it sounds like they are working on adding some seasonals and other offerings.

Appearance: Light Amber with an off white head.  Ok retention

Aroma: Caramel, toffee, yeasty spiciness with a bit of buttery-ness

Taste: Caramel with yeasty buttery-ness.  Balanced with a touch of sweetness

Overall Impression: This would fall under the “Belge Speciale” category.  If you’re familiar with Palm or De Koninck, Stanley Park 1897 is in the same category.  Palm and De Koninck were the beers that inspired New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale.  This was a very enjoyable example of the “Belge Speciale” ale.  It’s balanced and flavorful with good yeast character.  If you live in the Vancouver area and want to try Fat Tire but you can’t find it locally (I don’t believe they export to Canada yet), this is a good option.

?% ABV

Notes: This was a solicited review.  The brewery sent a PR pack which included mixed 6 pack, a glass, and some nice info cards.

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