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Unibroue Blanche de Chambly

Unibroue is my favorite Canadian brewery.  I do need to qualify this statement though.  I haven’t had any of the new wave of great craft beer that’s being made in Canada.  Unibroue is located just outside Montreal in Chambly, Quebec.  They specialize in Belgian styles and in my opinion, they are amazingly authentic.

The Blanche de Chambly is their version of a wit/blanche/white ale.  According to their website, this was the first commercially produced white ale brewed according to “Belgian tradition” in North America.  I had this beer on draft, which is new; I’ve only seen it in bottles in the past.  Rumor has it, they are releasing draft Blanche de Chambly in preparation for the rare draft release of La Fin du Monde, which will coincide with the Mayan end of the world date on December 21, 2012.

Appearance:  Hazy gold with white highlights. White head with ok retention.

Aroma:  Orange, coriander, orange zest, lemon grass with a grainy/wheat-y backbone

Taste:  Slight earthy notes.  Refreshing carbonation and acidity with a very clean finish.

Overall Impression:  This is exactly what I like out of a Belgian-style white ale.  It’s balanced, dry, well carbonated and refreshing.  The flavors are clean and enjoyable without becoming cloying (a danger with some wits/blanches).  This is a really good beer, and perfect for pairing with some lighter fare or just enjoying on its own.  Look for the draft release of La Fin du Monde.

Availability: Throughout Canada and the United States in larger markets at better beer stores and restaurants.

5% ABV

4 thoughts on “Unibroue Blanche de Chambly

  1. They are simply an outstanding brewery. I started stalking their beers in college, and haven’t let up! I am uber excited about draft releases from them! Especially of La Fin Du Monde!

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