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Russian River Publication 2009

Russian River Publication was a collaboration beer made in 2009 with the Publican National Committee, consisting of: Brouwer’s, The Falling Rock, The Horse Brass, Monk’s Cafe, and the Toronado.  I didn’t get a chance to try this beer when it was fresh in 2009, but did get a chance to try it 3 years later at the PuckerFest 2012.  Puckerfest is an annual event that occurs during July, Craft Beer Month in Oregon, at Belmont Station, a great bottle shop with a massive selection.  During Puckerfest week, they feature sour and wild yeast beers from local and international breweries.  If you’re a fan of the funk, this is the festival for you.

But if the beer was created for the bars listed above, how did Belmont Station get a keg?  Well, the late Don Younger, owner of the Horse Brass Pub, was a part owner of Belmont Station and gave them a few of his allotted kegs.  I spoke briefly with the owner of Belmont Station, Carl, about the Publication 2009.  He described the fresh version as a nice Saison finished with brett, a good Russian River beer but not amazing.  He then said that he’d tapped a keg last year to do a quick test and discovered it was nothing but diacetyl, so he put the kegs away for another year.  Turn the clock ahead to 2012.

Appearance: Pale straw with a touch of haze.

Aroma: Horse blanket with a light earthy/fruity funk.

Taste: Tart, funky, aggressive peppery finish.  Layers of Brett funk with a spritz-y tartness.

Overall Impression:  This was a great opportunity to see a Brettanomyces beer in action.  What started out as one beer became a totally new beer in just a few years.  It was also a chance to drink a beer made for Don Younger, who I had the pleasure of knowing for many years before he passed.  Overall, it was a great way to start my personal day at Puckerfest (I’ll be posting a few more reviews related to Puckerfest in the coming days).

Availability: None (Insert sad face here.)

8% ABV (originally)/8+% ABV (Now)

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