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Kulmbacher Kapuziner Schwarz-Weizen

I saw this beer and was immediately intrigued.  I was familiar with dunkel-weizen, dark wheat ale, but had not heard of a Schwarz-weizen, black wheat ale.  I thought it may just be a slightly darker version of a dunkel.  Instead, I was treated to a delightful mix of what would be a schwarz bier and a Bavarian weizen.  I love schwarz biers.  I like their balanced but mild roastiness balanced with the clean fermentation of lager yeast.  I also love Bavarian weizen beers because of their massive amount of yeast driven fruit flavors.  How would these two concepts fair when put into the same beer?

Appearance: Black with a touch of haze which was hard to see because of the intense dark nature of the beer.  Rich, tan head with great retention.

Aroma: Clove, cinnamon, banana, chocolate, a touch of toffee.  A slight note of phenolic smoke.  A bit of mocha.

Taste: Rich with a very creamy mouthfeel.  The smoke is more prominent in the finish.  Balanced touch of acidity adds to the complexity and drinkability of this beer.

Overall Impression: I loved this beer.  It was kind of like drinking a chocolate covered banana, but one made from chocolate of exceptional quality.  This is another great import by Shelton Brothers.  I keep drinking their beers and wondering who imported them only to realize I’d inadvertently grabbed another of their products off the shelf.  Great stuff.

Availability: Better beer stores and German Delis.

5.4% ABV

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